Coming To Nigeria

Coming to Nigeria is a Nigeria film for the theatres, written and directed by Cyril Odenigbo. This film is a product of Magnus Film Academy from development, pre-production, production, post production to marketing and distribution (Magnus Media LTD). This film stars Giovanni Roseman, Sylvia Oluchy, Anuoluwapo Shoneye, Lily Stan Igboanugo, Ngozi Udenna, Christy Ekong, Frank Godwin, Bob Smith, Raphael Okoye, Chidimma Ezeogbuka and Vera Blinks

Produced & Directed by Cyril Odenigbo

Based on an Italian man’s untold reality story about Nigeria   


LUCA Alberto, an adventurous Italian man, a screenwriter and a lover of African culture, who has flare for black African ladies.

 His mission is not only to explore Nigeria movie industry but also tell the untold realities of Nigeria to the world. He also wishes he could find his lost love (an African lady) that took in for him while in his country.

He met Brenda online, a Nigerian young lady, whom he intends working with in his movie production. Brenda is a double life interesting character with a fake funny American accent. She spreads her alluring/ exotic pictures on the internet all to making a living through online dating and has in mind of having the Italian man as her prey.

Luca Alberto however keeps his eyes on everything around him to the extent of employing unofficially the services of the hotel receptionist where he lodges as an informant and also that of the Airport taxi driver (Nedu) he hires just to accomplish his mission

Bringing Nedu in the picture poses a serious trait to Brenda’s mission.

At this point Brenda is left with no option than to take Nedu off the equation by using every means possible.

As the story unfolds, the Italian man had it hard from all sides but settled for one.

The movie is filled with twist, sound comic relief and is very informative.

“Coming to Nigeria” worth’s your coming to the Cinemas!


Production Company                          Magnus Film Academy (Magnus Media LTD)                                                                            

  World Trailer Release Date                         September, 3rd 2017

  Movie Release Date:                                         2018

  Running Time                                               90 minutes

  Country                                                               Nigeria

  Language                                                            English