Here is a breakdown of the Direct Entry:

Courses Tuition Fee without Waiver
Photography N40,000
Videography N40,000
Cinematography N60,000 (Photo/Video & Lighting Course)
Video Editing N60,000
Acting N30,000
Directing N30,000
Screenwriting  N30,000
Photo Editing N30,000


The terms and conditions therein for applying under Magnus Film Academy direct entry are as follows:

- You are to pay your tuition fee before you resume.

- Duration for the Training Course under this offer is 2 MONTHS.

- You are to start, complete and submit two short film projects.

- You will be awarded a certificate during your convocation/graduation.

- You will have the opportunity to work with us and get paid so long as you are willing and learnt well in the course of your training.

- Our administration can assist you whenever needed in getting attestation or recommendation note for your abroad travels and employment.



  • For those in Video editing department are expected to be computer literate and should come with a laptop.
  • For the photography and videography department, it will be of great advantage if you come with a camera but not compulsory.


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