Feel free to register your preferred course/s in the course options below. Each course icon below contains the information you will need to know, like the duration for training, tuition fee, age, certification and application form.

Benefits for Joining Magnus Film Academy:

  • We grant referrals and transcript for your abroad further education
  • Mentorship in your journey to Film and Media Business
  • Getting paid for jobs from us after your training session
  • Direct entry into our Media/Film Production House
  • Our Course Outline is of International Standards
  • Certificate will be awarded to participant


Training Tour
We offer industry standards training on Acting. We have seasoned media professionals to give you hands on training on the rudiments of Acting and taking you from zero to pro before you finish our Acting course. Enroll for the next batch of our training tour and start your journey to becoming Nigeria's next celebrity Actor or Actress.
Our Cinematography course comprises of learning photography, videography , lighting and introduction to directing. In this course, participants will be groomed practically on a step-by-step process to shoot excellent looking videos by learning how to create shot list, storyboard, light, frame, shot composition, and capture crystal clear audio! Understand key video principles that you can use in all of your future projects and a guide for a good and affordable cameras and gear for a start. Hands-on exercises to improve your skillset and gain real life video creating experience! Tell stories in your videos that you will be proud of whether you're shooting on a camera or smartphone! We grant mentorship on how to set up your own studio and media house. Get the confidence needed to film social media content, client projects, or personal projects from start to finish.
Training Tour
Under our Filmmaking and Production Course, you master lenses, lighting, sound recording and cinematography. Create your own incredible videos from scratch with a brand new understanding of filmmaking! Understand timeless video principles that will stay with you in all projects, forever! Gain a film school level understanding of starting and shooting a project. Take an idea and fully translate it into your own unique style of video. Expand your creativity though understanding essential filmmaking theories, principles, and ideas. Produce amazing contents with or without expensive equipment, knowing fully well that it is about the person behind the equipment
Video Editing
Participants are to learn how to cut raw footage into relatable outputs. Learn the entire Video Editing process whic helps you to create your own Montage with professionally shut footage provided for you. Efficiently learn the editing tools in Premiere Pro CC - The right tools with right techniques at the right place and time. The complete and professional Color Correction Process - A step by step approach, Including how to use the Lumetri Scopes and the Lumetri Color Panel. The concept behind Color Grading and how to apply Color Grading in a professional way to create different moods and feelings for your Videos How to use the latest Graphics within Premiere Pro CC to create Titles, Lower thirds and more... At the end of the course you will learn how to Edit your Videos for your YouTube channel, Create exciting and well edited videos for your family album, Edit a Marketing Video for your website, Create a Music Video, Edit or Create Documentaries, Start your Career as a Video Editor with Premiere Pro, Learn the Post Production Process, Create your first Montage
Screen Writing - Magnus Film Academy
Participants will learn: - Basic characteristics of screen story - Development of a basic storyline - Story structures including The Three Act Structure and alternate story structures - Characters and developing character outlines - The construction of scenes including the role of dialogue and character voice - The workflow for writing a first draft of feature film screenplay - The process for screenplay formatting - Design a story 'pitch' We walk you through how to plot mind blowing stories, screenplay to industry standards and earn big from your good script.
Computer Training
Get ready for a Comprehensive program in learning PC fundamentals, the new features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Participants will also learn how to do research on the internet using tools like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla and Wikipedia. Get a certificate at the end of the course. Learn and be Computer literate to earn you job opportunities in this digital age.
Drone Piloting
We will expose you to creating ecstatic aerial pictures that make you smile to the bank as you learn how to fly cinematic drone with us. What makes the difference is learning how to fly drone from the master.
3d Animation and Special Effect
We will teach you Animation Principles and guidelines. Participants are to be made to understand how to make brilliant Character Designs, animate a character, build a rig that is ready for animation and animate a character jumping and walking. This course is for you if you love animation and cartoons, and want to know how to design your own characters for animation. If you want to learn animation skills that can open the doors to an actual career path in the animation industry, or if you just want to learn how to make your own short animated films, this course will teach you exactly those skills. This workflow is based around character animation in Adobe Animate.