iDOFF Smart Card; making exchange of Contacts, Marketing and Businesses seamless..

iDOFF SMART CARD..... Created that you stand out

Magnus Media Nigeria Limited announces the release of iDOFF SMART BUSINESS CARD, a new digital business smart card technology, making exchange of contacts, networking, marketing and businesses seamless.

iDOFF Smart Card helps corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to network more conveniently and effectively.

iDOFF SMART CARD...... Created that you stand out

iDOFF DIGITAL BUSINESS SMART CARD, an initiative of Magnus Media Nigeria Limited as lunched this year April, 2023 with an ambition to allowing users exchange contacts and business profiles at conferences, events, meetings or hangouts with just a single tap on their smart phones.


Speaking on the idea, Cyril Odenigbo, the CEO of Magnus Media Nigeria Limited noted the significance of adopting a unique technology helps in the growth and development of a country more so increases the Gross Domestic Product thereby taking networking, marketing and businesses to the next level . He added that instead of individuals and businesses requesting for conventional paper cards / complimentary cards again and again, they simply use a single smart business card with unlimited benefits; 
"Most importantly, it helps individuals and businesses save costs, market their brand, ecommerce website and company profile and can update their business contact information anytime . This also helps individuals and businesses to effortlessly build an email list from contacts received;  The Business benefit of iDOFF Smart Card is an endless possibilities” he added.