iDOFF SMART CARD..... Created that you stand out

iDOFF digital business smart card helps grow businesses and harness new connections with just a tap.

With iDOFF digital business card, for every people you meet be it business, relationship and adventures you will sure leave an engaging and memorable experience while saving your contact information and your business directly into their phones

The innovation of iDOFF digital business card promises a total easy and modern way people exchange contact information.  The use of this smart business card helps you create a digital business card that can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Making so much sense, right? Won’t you rather step up and represent your brand, products and services by choosing iDOFF Digital Business Card?

Here is how your VIP profile customized page that houses your social networks, corporate address, designation and brand description more so call-to-action icons for instant booking , sale, shout out and reservations.

 One can also choose to have his ecommerce website or portal being customized and linked to your iDOFF digital Card with the below out layer

iDOFF is first introduced in Nigeria and Africa at large early 2023 by Magnus Media Nigeria LTD, a multimedia company that measures well in branding services, Films, drone business services, live streaming, media solutions, film and media training, advertisement and art engraving services (CNC).

iDOFF SMART CARD...... Created that you stand out





iDOFF SMART CARD...... Created that you stand out
iDOFF SMART CARD...... Created that you stand out