Why Do I Need To Learn Professional Screenwriting?

Why Do I Need To Learn Professional Screenwriting?

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful and interesting movies you enjoyed were created? Well, they were written by creative and brilliant individuals known as screenwriters. They are the ones that create that wonderful storyline that become global hits. The role of a screenwriter cannot be overemphasized.

Good Pay

Screenwriters are paid handsomely if you know your game. At Magnus Media, we can teach you how to become an amazing screenwriter. How to create beautiful blueprints for movies, television shows and a lot more.

You Can Change Lives

Movies can change lives. They can make someone laugh when they need to laugh, cry when they need to cry, cheer when they need to cheer and a lot more. Movies have gotten people, states, countries and the whole world through rough times – allowing the necessary escapism, entertainment, and providing a platform to understand and comprehend what happened. #

Movies have brought forth the necessary awareness of political and social issues, leading to changes in policy or the way we think as a society. Movies have made us accept this that we previously feared or didn’t understand by providing a human face to what may have previously felt taboo or different.

With a good movie script, you can be the change you want to be.